Transfering expertise – Internationally proven

EIR Hong Kong

Eiffage Rail offers consulting services in track superstructure construction as well as for slab track and mass-spring systems, particularly for high-speed lines.

In our 120 years of company history, we have not only built rail infrastructure all over the world, but also further developed it conceptually. We know: there is no blueprint for rail projects. Every project poses very different challenges.
With the experience that we have been able to gather in our international sites, we help our customers to efficiently prepare and implement their construction projects: we handle the entire project management for the project planning and control from the tender phase to the implementation, including monitoring.

Commitment in Asia

In the consulting business, Eiffage Rail is currently mainly represented in Asia in those areas where the company contributes to exceptional projects. We planned and monitored 51 kilometres of the new metro line from the centre of Taipei via the city's international airport to Taoyan, and the connection to the Taiwan High-Speed Line.

Another milestone in our Asia operations is Eiffage Rail's involvement in planning and consultation services in introducing slab track in China. Here, we advised the client and the contractors in the construction of the longest high-speed line in the world between Beijing and Guangzhou.

Currently, we are building a slab track system on the extension of the Metro Line Shatin to Central Phase II in the Chinese metropolis, together with a joint venture partner from Hong Kong.